IP&R and Healthy Communities

Addressing active living and healthy eating through local council's Integrated Planning and Reporting framework


Being active and healthy is good for our health and our economy. It also has real benefits for communities and individuals. Healthy communities are more connected, participate more in community activities, are more productive and reduce the environmental impacts of car dependence. Active living and healthy eating also reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, some cancers, depression and falls. 


The IP&R Framework

The IP&R framework is local councils’ principal planning and reporting tool. Utilising its logic to plan and program initiatives promises action in health planning and promotion. A healthy community is the main benefit. With ‘higher order’ coverage of active living and healthy eating (as elements of councils’ vision, goals or specific objectives), strategies and actions can cascade down through the IP&R framework, prompting councils to co-ordinate activities across traditional functional areas.

Active living and healthy eating should be addressed at all levels of the framework: from raising the issues during community/ stakeholder engagement through the goals, objectives and strategies in the Community Strategic Plan, to specific actions targeted and budgeted for in the Delivery Program and Operational Plans. They are good examples of the need for coordination, as they must cross over traditional council activity/ functional boundaries in order to achieve their potential impact. The IP&R framework promises to improve communications with end-users and co-ordinate what may be disparate current activities.


Resource to support local councils to promote active and healthy communities

The former NSW Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL) prepared a comprehensive Guide to assist local councils (and other interested parties) to promote community health and well-being by addressing active living and healthy eating principles and practices, as they implement, monitor and review their Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) frameworks.


It is anticipated that the Guide will have the following benefits for councils:

  • Promotion of community health and well-being;
  • Advice on how active living and healthy eating can be addressed in relation to each element in the IP&R framework, including specific strategies, activities, actions and performance measures to promote active living and healthy eating;
  • Clear links to a range of good practice case studies; and
  • Save time and resources by providing advice on coordinating current practices and 'model' provisions for incorporation into their planning and management processes


You can find this resource at:  https://www.nswpcalipr.com.au/