Planning an Active Western Sydney

Planning an active Western Sydney - Creating more walkable and liveable local communities

Blacktown City Council, Thursday 29th October 2015, 9:30am - 3:00pm


The creation of healthier, more supportive environments for active living provides planning, transport and health professionals with the opportunity to be positive and proactive and help address the health of local communities.

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework is the principal planning and reporting tool for NSW local councils. Active living issues such as increasing walking can be addressed at all levels of the IP&R framework.

The Planning an active Western Sydney forum was held on Thursday 29th October, 2015 to assist local councils to promote more walking through the IP&R framework


Keynote Speaker - Ben Rossiter, Executive Officer, Victoria Walks

Ben has a background in cross sectoral partner-ships, research, policy and program development, community development and health promotion. He has a long interest in walking, sustainable communities and urban environments. He has presented papers and published articles and book chapters on walking and urban experience. The theme of his doctoral dissertation was walking in cities.


Facilitator - Danny Wiggins

Danny has been a planning/ local government consultant for twenty seven years, specialising in council management, statutory planning systems and local planning controls. He has worked with all three levels of government and a range of private sector clients. This includes working with the health sector on supportive environments for active living and healthy eating.

Morning session agenda


Afternoon session agenda


Proceedings and Presentations: Morning Session


Welcome and Acknowledgement

Danny Wiggins, Facilitator


Opening Address

Cllr Stephen Bali, Mayor, Blacktown City Council


Evidence review keynote: Built environment, active travel, open space impact on health and active living

Ben Rossiter, Executive Director, Victoria Walks






Western Sydney local council examples of addressing health and active living

Parramatta City Council








Western Sydney local council examples of addressing health and active living

Fairfield City Council






Implementation Challenges and Solutions - an Industry view

Stephen Moore, Principal, Roberts Day






Local council health and active living Q&A

Panelists: Ben Rossiter, Stephen Moore, Parramatta City Council, Fairfield City Council



Making it happen - opportunities to incorporate active living matters in councils' 2016 IP&R updates

Peter McCue, Executive Officer, PCAL






Group work and wrap up




To view a summary of the group work, click here.


Proceedings and Presentations: Afternoon Session 


Western Sydney, an overview

WSROC President Cllr Tony Hadchiti




Juliet Grant, Director, District Planning, Department of Planning and Environment

Dr Danny O'Connor, Chief Executive, Western Sydney Local Health District

Ben Rossiter, Executive Officer, Victoria Walks

Peter McCue, Executive Officer, NSW Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL)



(L to R: Ben Rossiter, Peter McCue, Juliet Grant, Danny O'Connor)


Signing of the Walk21 Charter

Auburn City Council - Mr Ian Bencker, Deputy General Manager

Bankstown City Council - Mr Matt Stewart, General Manager

Blacktown City Council - Cllr Stephen Bali, Mayor

Blue Mountains City Council - Mr Damien Drew Director of City Services

Fairfield City Council - Cllr Dai Le, Councillor

Holroyd City Council - Cllr Greg Cummings, Mayor

Liverpool City Council - Cllr Ned Mannoun, Mayor

Parramatta City Council - Cllr Steven Issa, Councillor

Penrith City Council - Cllr Karen McKeown, Mayor



Left to Right: Damien Drew (Blue Mountains City Council), Dr Danny O’Connor (WSLHD), Cllr Stephen Bali (Blacktown City Council), Cllr Ned Mannoun (Liverpool City Council), Cllr Karen McKeown (Penrith City Council), Cllr Tony Hadchiti (WSROC), Cllr Dai Le (Fairfield City Council), Cllr Steven Issa (Parramatta City Council), Ian Dencker (Auburn City Council), Henning Bracker(Bankstown City Council). 



Western Sydney councils pledge to tackle diabetes crisis by encouraging residents to walk, Blacktown Advocate