PCAL Presentations

PCAL coordinated the delivery of a range of Active Living presentations and capacity building workshops.

Powerpoint slides and Learner Notes (where available) are listed below.


Population Health Congress - 07/07/2008

This presentation outlines project stages in identifying critical success factors for the use of physical activity for community development purposes and the subsequent development of a project report  and practitioner's resource.

Integrating Physical Activity and Community Development:  A Practitioner Resource (PDF)

Melissa Stoneham and Peter McCue


Healthy Planning


Sydney Healthy Planning Workshop - 10/11/2008

There is a rapidly growing body of evidence which demonstrates that the built environment is an important variable that influences people's physical activity levels and consequent health. Being active in everyday life not only has substantial positive impacts on people's health, but also brings significant environmental, social and economic benefits to all areas. And yet only half the NSW population does the recommended thirty minutes of physical activity on most days required for health benefit.

Professionals who want to engage with healthy planning and contribute to the creation and maintenance of supportive environments at the local level can act tomorrow, in the medium term and in the long term.

The following presentations from the workshop are available to download:


Newcastle Workshop: Healthy Planning Principles into Practice - The next steps  (26/2/2009)

This series of one-day Healthy Planning workshops built on those run by PCAL in 2007-08 which discussed how health and planning professionals can collaborate to improve the health of local communities. The 2009 workshops develop previous content and provide an update of international, national and NSW healthy planning initiatives.

Associate Professor Susan Thompson - Planning and Urban Development Program, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW

Healthy Planning Checklist - Danny Wiggins

A compilation of Healthy Planning Criteria for consideration when reviewing development proposals.


Integrating Health, Active Transport and Land Use Planning - 2013

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Quantifying the Health Impacts of Transportation Investments

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